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Among the most demanded professions nowadays there are those related to product sales, distribution of services, programs and advertising space. These professions are trade representatives, business agents, and sales managers. What are the psychological requirements for the members of these professions?

First of all, these people should have a high working capacity and patience as the saturated market makes the majority of their attempts unsuccessful. Their operation reminds of gold miners’ work. They have to sift tones of soil and sand to find a tiny grain of gold. Thus a salesman should not fall into despair even after a number of failures. In our basic report these qualities are reflected by the parameter of energy and working capacity and stability as a driving motive of behavior, which shows the inclination towards diligent systematic action.

The second requirement is determined by the fact that potential clients tired of innumerable offers are by far not always so facile and polite expressing their unwillingness to use your services. For this reason people who work in this sphere should have no strong motives related to self-judgment. Otherwise, the person can easily get into frustration, depression or simply lose interest in job. Significance of self-esteem and public appraisal correlates with the motive of “moral stimulation” that has its reflection in the report. A person with a stable and independent self-judgment would not have this parameter high.

One more important feature for the work with clients and customers is self-presentation. In this case it should be rather high, since such a person represents not only him or herself, but the company, good or service. The impression he or she makes will influence the client’s conclusions upon the value of the stated proposal...

Trades related to documentary accounting

Accountants are not the only people who deal with documentary data. A lot of spheres require dealing with it, such as enterprise stock-taking or material and componentry consumption checkup. What features should be obtained by the representative of these trades?

Operation with book-keeping and reports demands excessive accuracy, exactness and punctuality. These features are related to the motive of stability expressed in the basic report. There is no special need to have the highest rate of this parameter, but a person with the low rate will hardly be able to keep the records in good order and report in time.

One more important factor reflected in the test report by the parameter of flexibility of mind and intercourse is concerned with analytical turn of mind. This feature is necessary to understand all the requirements precisely and be able to cope with new computer programs, which you cannot do without in your accounts.

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On the History of Job Testing

Initial developments in this sphere concerned vocational guidance rather than actual estimation of candidate's degree of meeting the employer's criteria. Tests of this type are aimed to specify a field of activity in which the person will work with the highest positive result, such as, e.g., "technique worker", "natural resources worker", "social worker" or "sign-oriented worker".

One of the relatively successful developments in this sphere was a vocational guidance test based on MMPI. Being able to process a multilevel many-stage personality analysis this test revealed the features far from being evident, using projective questions and effective mathematical tool.

For many years Eysenk's IQ test was quite popular. It was used in every spheres of human activity including job testing...

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Competence, Experience or Psychological Suitability?

A lot of chief-managers are sceptical about job interviewpsychological tests referring it to the idea that psychological testscannot provide you with an answer whether the applicant will be ableto manage with a particular task right now. But psychological testinghas some other terms of reference...

The main idea of any psychological test, even a specialized one, is toeduce one's psychological features. Testing can help you to identifythe type of activity the person is inclined to; it will help you toforecast how fast the person can be tought and to what extent; to seeif the person can deal with people, whether you can count on his orher decency and responsibility; see his or her energy and workingcapacity. You will understand the way the person should be motivated,the way his or her working conditions should be organized to have thebest result and many other things...

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The Most Recent Methods of Personnel Evaluation and Selection

A unique psychological test that helps to choose the most suiting candidate for a vacancy

Possibility to evaluate candidate's testing results and compare them with the ones' of your favourites

Now, despite the other data, you are able to see the following scales of the psychological report

  • Motivations and Objects
  • Vitality and Working Efficiency
  • Leadership skills and Initiative
  • Loyalty and Dependability
  • Flexibility of Mind and Communicative Skills
  • Creative Potential
  • Categoricalness
  • Team Spirit
  • Competitiveness

You can suggest additional scales for each vacancy you have. We will introduce them into psychological reports of the office-seekers providing that your scales do not cover the issue of private life.

On the test we use

All existing psychological tests rest upon one particular refrence theory. This essentially constrains the variety of the tasks handled by them.

The test we use here is a unique one due to the fact that it unites nearly all modern psychological schools and methods:

orthodox psychoanalysis and transactional analysis
rational psychology, humanistic psychology, social psychology
communicative psychology and conflictology
cognitive psychology
neuro-linguistic programming
gestalt psychology and psychophysiological methods
dynamic and motivation concepts
system psychodinamics

However, the main point of it is the use of systematic approach that makes it possible to synthesize the integral view of one's personality with a help of numerous scales and evaluations. This description would not reduce itself to the quantitative estimations of personal features but rather would discover the priorities and their interconnections.

The program calculates 34 statistically normalized parameters that estimate various individual features: psychological and physiological characteristics, energy distribution, intellectual capabilities, business features etc. Wide variety of parameters considered empowers us to use the test as a powerful implement to find out and verify the information required for making a decision in respect of finding the best candidate

- for a particular type of activity
- for a particular position
- for a particular company

Answering your questions
I want to get a position of a manager in a huge company. In what way should I answer the question of the test to get it?
Yesterday I took the test but now I think I would answer several questions in different way. Is there any possibility that such a difference would influence my chances for obtaining the position?
I have a job but I want to try hand in some other sphere. Am I allowed to use the services of the site?
We are not asked for any documents when we register at the site. What if the applicant will provide misleading information about him or her self?

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Pro or Against an Applicant?

Many people regard psychological testing in a job interview as a third degree inquisition that pursues the one and only aim, which is to find all the office-seeker’s faults and get the reason to deny his or her application.

Anyway, an employer will hire only as many office-seekers as needed, no matter will psychological tests be used here or not. Psychological testing is aimed to elicit potential capabilities of a candidate and even the candidate him or herself can be unaware of them. They help to find one’s part in the team, predict one’s promotion prospects and get the information about operating mode and working conditions that will inspire a particular employee. If an employer orients on long-standing prospects and formation of a working team, applicant’s professional experience and education pale into insignificance.

If an employer orients on long-standing prospects and formation of a working team, applicant’s professional experience and education pale into insignificance.

Therefore, according to the results of psychological testing you can appear to be a more appropriate candidate than your competitor who might have wide experience and a degree in this professional sphere.

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The Photo on Your Page

This site provides office-seekers with a unique opportunity to put up not only a detailed resume but a photograph...

A recruiting site photo has nothing to do with the identity paper head-shot. Its task is to make a particular impression on the employer rather than help to identify your personality.

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